Julien Andrieu


“There’s natural mystic blowing through the air,
If you listen carefully now you will hear …” -- Bob Marley

Energy and spirituality are concepts that I have been interested in and have reflected upon since my teenage years. Since then, I have taken the time to continually pursue personal and diverse research on these topics.

Building on this research and through multiple experiments, I began focusing on a technique that uses light sources to create images. This technique was utilized in the 1950s by great masters such as Picasso and Man Ray in some of their pictures.

Just as the painter uses a full range of colors and brushes to bring his paintings to life, I produce works with light sources of a variety of sizes, shapes and color bands. The photographs you see have captured what was created in that particular moment; no image has been manipulated with computer software. And the works seem to speak for themselves.

This unusual technique not only allows for natural expression, but also provides an excellent tool to record the history of a movement. Which is what I will try to achieve through the Conduit Series.

Conduit Series

True to my earlier experiments with movement and energy, this project will present a series of photographs of a conductor directing the performance of a symphony. The pictures will transcribe the conductor’s energy and intensity - resulting in the compilation of his or her movements -- what I would like to call a “sensory musical score,” or a visual representation of the auditory experience. A headphone will be connected to each work to enable the viewer to listen to the symphony while analyzing its photographic construction.

Through my works, I am trying to express my inner feelings as well as I can. They are a mixture of painting and photography, a conduit between darkness and light, and I seek to have the final product embody the tangible and intangible as one.

I recognize that the works might surprise some, or may be a little difficult to understand at first viewing. However, I firmly believe that this approach represents the best way to depict the various energies that surround us. I like to think of the end result as my contribution to efforts to illuminate our obscured reality via an artistic medium.

-- Julien Andrieu